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What Are Safety Shoes? Safety shoes and boots are durable footwear with a protective re-enforced toe which helps protects the foot against falling debris, compression and now with the majority of safety footwear fitted with a mid-sole plate to protect from under foot punctures, they really are designed for optimum safety. They are normally worn in and around a construction site or industrial setting and they very often have steel as their toe cap however nowadays there are more styles which use composite materials. All safety boots come with markings to which indicate their international standards and levels of protection from impact, electric shock to chemical hazards. Back in the 1970’s safety boots were seen as the footwear amongst skinheads and punks, however nowadays it seems they are strictly for work-wear and not fashion wear. What Are The Different Styles Of Safety Shoes? There is a huge range of safety footwear on the market nowadays so choosing the right one can be a bit of a daunting task. Metatarsal Safety Shoes offer foot protection where it is needed most with a protective guard. The metatarsal bones in your feet form two arches, one in the centre of your foot and the other under the ball of your foot; these are extremely delicate bones so keeping them protected is essential. More and more people are moving towards Composite Safety Shoes or Comp Toe’s as they are known as they are more lightweight compared to steel toe caps. They are really suited for working in electrical and hazardous environments and are made up from a range of composite materials including plastic and carbon fibre. water resistant shoes made from Synthetic Leather with sole made from Polyvinyl chloride.
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Hillson Ladies Safety Shoes LF-2 : Ladies shoes ISI made from PU sole with 200 jouls steel toe and upper made from grain leather. Ladies Safety Shoes/Industrial safety shoes for Ladies/ ISI safety Shoes for Ladies/ Hillson Ladies Safety Shoes
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The first component of a personal fall arrest system is the Safety Harness worn by workers while performing the job at heights Ø The Safety harness is an important component of personal fall arrest systems – keeping workers suspended upright in the event of a fall, and supporting them while they await rescue. Ø Facade Cleaning Harness is designed for working in hanging position and to absorb falls Ø This is widely used in facade cleaning, Rock climbing etc. Ø They are characterized by incomparable ergonomics that provide high degree of comfort to the users during most applications.