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Industrial Safety shoes : Always wear safety shoes. Use safety shoes at construction site, use in cement industries, steel industries etc... Karam Safety Shoes, Hillson Safety Shoes, HI-SAFE Safety Shoes, Evion Safety Shoes.

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Always wear safety shoes while you are working in any industrial place and mountain tracking to save your feet from any damage. safety trainers, Hillson safety shoes, Industrial safety shoes

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Safety is a term no one would like to compromise. Safety term sticks us from our childhood and remains till we live! We know, prevention is better than cure, rather say to invest in safety is a brilliant option to choose. Whether it is our home, office, industry or any other location, safety is a prior term to be considered. The approach of people towards safety is increasing with the passing time that is appreciable. There are countless situations need to be considered important as far as the safety is the concern. Technology has enabled us to make the perfect fit instruments and devices for the possible the threat to the safety. Road Safety product in Delhi is manufactured with great care following the international norms. So many types of safety devices and instruments are available in the market, of the most are to prevent fire, falling from the height, drowning in water, road accident and other hazardous situations. Road Safety products in Delhi and online

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Safety shoes or industrial gumboots are used in various industrial, medical or commercial applications, for the purpose of protecting the toe and leg of the wearers from injuries caused while working in hazardous environments like construction sites, chemical plants or sites with electrical hazardous. The safety gumboots are used in food processing plants for the purpose of maintaining minimum required standards of hygiene. Industrial Gumboots are effectively used for the purpose of the toe of wearers from the damages caused by the mud and grimes of mines. Besides this, the industrial gumboots are used in chemical industries for the purpose of protecting the wearers from damage caused by the chemical spills. The protection of the wearers from water and mud in agriculture and horticulture works can be effectively done by using superior grade of industrial gumboots. For the purpose of providing dust-free and hygienic environment in the clean rooms and medical operating theatres respectively, the uses of gumboots are often recommended. Hillson Dragon Gumboot Dual Density Gumboots

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All types of safety shoes : Labour safety shoes, Officers safety shoes and Sporty type safety shoes made from genuine leather, High quality Synthetic Leather and sole of PU as well as PVC. Both steel toe and Composite Toe shoes available. A huge range of safety shoes under one roof. Please visit for all types of Industrial Safety, Road Safety and Welding equipments at

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Safety shoes available with upper grain Leather and both PU and PVC Sole with ISI and Non ISI. Also available in Both Steel toe and Composite Toe upto one year warranty. Available in Labour, Officers, Sporty safety shoes. Visit for Details

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The Anthron Descender is a manually operated, controlled descent device most commonly used for suspended work positioning, self-evacuation, or rescue operations. A cam assembly provides friction on the rope to hold a load or allow the load to descend at a controlled rate. The system consists of a 7/16" (11mm) rope, the Anthron Descender, and two carabiners. Proper roping and rigging diagrams are on the side of the device, which can be installed or removed at any point on the rope and has a working load of 300 pounds (136 kg).

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Fall arrest is of two major types: general fall arrest, such as nets; and personal fall arrest, such as lifelines. The most common manifestation of fall arrest in the workplace is the Personal Fall Arrest System, or PFAS ("lifeline"). Such a system should include 5 elements referred to as ABCDs of Fall Arrest: A – Anchorage – a fixed structure or structural adaptation, often including an anchorage connector, to which the other components of the PFAS are rigged. B – Body Wear – a full body harness worn by the worker. C – Connector – a subsystem component connecting the harness to the anchorage – such as a lanyard. D – Deceleration Device – an essential subsystem component designed to dissipate the forces associated with a fall arrest event. It is good practice and recommended that these are also included in Restraint systems, in case of foreseeable mis-use. E – Emergency Plan & Equipment – a clear and simple approach to rescue of a suspended worker following a fall arrest event. All workers should be familiar with the site specific plan and competent to implement it. If a suspended worker is not recovered in good time, they may suffer the potentially serious effects of "suspension trauma". Each of these elements is critical to the effectiveness of a personal fall arrest system. There are many different combinations of products that are commonly used to assemble a personal fall arrest system, and each must meet strict standards.[2][3] The specific environment or application generally dictates the combination or combinations that are most appropriate.

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Safety Shoes ISI Hillson Nucleus Dual Density PU sole upper made from grain genuine Breathable Leather. Steel Toe 200 jouls to protect your feet from any accidental damage. Always wear Safety shoes at site to protect your feet from any mishappening at site.

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Procef Dust Mask : PN205 Now a days high pollution in our environment so always wear pollution mask to breath filter air.. This ISI mask filtered air from dust and other polluted particles in air. This is disposable mask wear it and throw after use. and very affordable price.