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Safety shoes or industrial gumboots are used in various industrial, medical or commercial applications, for the purpose of protecting the toe and leg of the wearers from injuries caused while working in hazardous environments like construction sites, chemical plants or sites with electrical hazardous. The safety gumboots are used in food processing plants for the purpose of maintaining minimum required standards of hygiene. Industrial Gumboots are effectively used for the purpose of the toe of wearers from the damages caused by the mud and grimes of mines. Besides this, the industrial gumboots are used in chemical industries for the purpose of protecting the wearers from damage caused by the chemical spills. The protection of the wearers from water and mud in agriculture and horticulture works can be effectively done by using superior grade of industrial gumboots. For the purpose of providing dust-free and hygienic environment in the clean rooms and medical operating theatres respectively, the uses of gumboots are often recommended. Hillson Dragon Gumboot Dual Density Gumboots
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